Yesterday was mostly spent at the Central Oregon Livestock Auction where we patiently waited for the right cows to come walking through the arena.  Luckily, Dawn decided to stay behind while Rick went to Idaho in the truck because I have no idea what I am doing.  Going to my first auction was quite the experience.  It took me a while to catch on, but when I did, I really enjoyed it.  One of the bulls nearly jumped out of the sale pin, but all the people in the stands just pushed him right back in.  It was pretty entertaining!

We ended up buying two mama cows with their calves, one steer and one heifer.  They look great!  Since all of our cattle are over in Eddyville, Dawn’s brother, Darin, will be keeping our new additions at his place during the solar eclipse.

The pivots have arrived and we will be installing them in another 10 days.  Rick has been trucking away this summer.  In order to get the pivots, he drove clear to Idaho and back in one day.

We have had some cool(er) days recently, but the heat is coming back!

AS OF AUGUST 21th: We had an awesome time with you all. Thanks for choosing to join us for this event of a lifetime!

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