How big are the camping spaces?
  • The tent + vehicle spaces are 20’ x 30’.
  • The RV/trailer spaces are 20’ x 60’.
  • On-Day parking spaces are just big enough for a car, similar to what you’d find at a McDonald’s parking lot.
I’d like to camp, but I don’t have a tent. What should I do?

We offer tent rentals for this very purpose. The tents are 4 person tents. But be aware, 4 person tents run tight, so don’t bring a big Coleman air mattress for each person expecting it to fit. Camping mats are the way to go in these tents. Click here to rent a tent.

Could you set my rental tent up for me so it’s ready when I arrive?

Of course. Just add that request to your rental reservation when you check out.

Can I have a campfire?

NO. We’d love to say yes, but the fire department requires that no open fires be allowed. It’s gonna be in the middle of fire season here, so their requirement is understandable. However, you MAY use a contained propane stove or a charcoal BBQ grill.

Will I have a water spigot at my campsite?

Not at individual campsites, but there will be some water spigots placed at the edge of the fields for camper use.

What is the campgrounds property like?

You will be camping in a freshly cut hay feed. Some areas will be green, others will be dry camping. We’ve tried to irrigate as much as possible to reduce dust.

How many campers will be at the ranch?

R+D Ranch can comfortably hold about 700 campers so come on down!

Is there a designated quiet time? If so, what is it?

Yes, we are asking quiet time be from 11 p.m. to 7 a.m.

Toilets, Showers & Electricity

What will the restrooms be like?

The restrooms are the locking, individual porta-potty type that are not designated to a certain gender. You can just use any potty that happens to be vacant.

Will there be a place to wash hands?

R+D Ranch will have potable water spigots for your hand washing needs.

What will the showers be like?

Open (meaning…no enclosed, private space, so bring your bathing suit). More like camping showers with hot water!

Is electricity available?

No. We’re not going to be able to have individual electrical hookups for your campsite. Please bring your generators and/or batteries.

Food, Drinks & Ice

Is there water provided that is safe for drinking?

Yes! Our drinking water comes from Earth2O in Culver.

What kind of food and beverages will be available at your campground?

There will be many choices from breakfast foods, espresso/coffee, barbecue, hamburgers, hot dogs, pizza, snow cones, ice cream, cotton candy, pies, water, ice and non-alcoholic beverages.

Is alcohol allowed?

A little wine or beer is often considered to be a relaxing part of a camping trip or outdoor event. Reasonable use is permitted, but please remember this is a family-friendly event (i.e. young children will be around), so use careful moderation so things don’t get out-of-hand.

Will there be ice available for my ice chest and so I can have cold drinks? Will it be free or cost something?

Ice will be available on site and will cost the same as normal in the stores (before the price is jacked up in the stores for the eclipse).


Is there still room for me or am I too late?

Madras is a small town with only about 325 hotel rooms. These rooms have been booked for over two years now. BUT, we have great spaces that are still available for camping! Book today to ensure your space is secured.

Can I reserve a spot next to my friends & family?

You bet, just specify your request when booking your site.

Can I sleep in my parked car rather than renting a whole campsite?

Of course! Car campers are welcome.

Can I come just for Monday morning to see the eclipse?

Yes! That’s why we offer parking spaces. The town will be beyond crowded, but you’re welcome to reserve a viewing space in our campground. We suspect these will sell out fast, so reserve yours today to ensure you actually get one.

What happens if I want to stay one extra night beyond the 4 nights included in my camping reservation?

Or…campers can stay longer if they like.  The Airshow of the Cascades (located in Madras) starts August 25-26.

Emergencies & Cell Service

What happens if someone in my family has a medical emergency?

R+D Ranch will have a first aid station, equipped with certified American Red Cross First Aid/CPR staff.  In addition, the Jefferson County Fire Department will be staged within a mile of our property if campers need them as well.

Does the campground get cell phone reception?

The property does get cellphone reception but campers can lose calls when in certain places as well.  We can mark the stronger signal areas for y’all.


Can I bring my pet(s)?

We welcome friendly, well-behaved and leashed pets here at the ranch. Please be aware that your pets may not be able to attend all the solar eclipse events with you around the area. It will be hot here, so keeping them in your vehicle is ill-advised. Please think through how you’ll keep them happy, contained, and cool while you enjoy the area!

Of course, if your puppy loves barking throughout the night at other critters or noises, your camping neighbors might be a bit frustrated to have their sleep disturbed. So keep your pet’s behavior in mind as you decide whether to bring them or not.

Entertainment & Recreation

What kind of movies will you show at night?

Family movies

Weather, Town & Transportation

What is the weather like there in August?

It’s pretty hot and dry around here in August (although some of our camping area will be irrigated prior to your arrival, so some areas will be be grassy and greenish). Temperatures will likely be hot during the day and then drop 30-40 degrees or so at night. You might want a light jacket for the evenings!

Could you give me more details about the shuttle service?

Local businesses and the city of Madras are working out a really cool shuttle service that will stop at a variety of locations around Madras and Jefferson County. The goal is to make it affordable and easier for you to get around without fighting insane traffic. There should be a map or something about it coming out soon. In the meantime, just know your transportation needs are being planned for by the best of the best around here.

Shuttle passes will certainly be the best way to get around town. For only $5.00/day or $15.00/4 day pass, you’ll be able to ride anywhere the shuttle goes.

Some of the known shuttle stops will be at grocery stores such as Safeway, the big Solarfest event, local restaurants, Madras’ state-of-the-art aquatic center, our amazing air museum, eclipse events at the high school, Lowell Observatory, and even the casino in Warm Springs. It will NOT travel outside of Jefferson county.

You can buy passes here: Ticketfly

How will the tiny town of Madras be able to handle all the people that are coming?

The town of Madras is working diligently with private and public parties to ensure that we have a good estimates on the number of people coming and we’re all working hard to plan and coordinate everything–entertainment, food, beverages, garbage, health, safety, transportation, accommodations, etc.

AS OF AUGUST 21th: We had an awesome time with you all. Thanks for choosing to join us for this event of a lifetime!

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