Hello again from the ranch!  Hope you all had a good weekend. This past week I got to go to another hidden beauty in Central Oregon called Steelhead Falls.  It is about 30 miles from our ranch and it was beautiful.  When you park at the trailhead, it is only a half-mile walk down the river to where you will find people jumping into the water. If any of you like cliff jumping, this place is great.  One of the cliffs you can jump off is right next to a waterfall!   If you arrive early and need a break from traffic, this could be a great spot to cool down.

As far as the eclipse progress goes, we are getting ready to hit crunch time pretty soon.  We will be stocking up on food, ice, water, and many other essentials that we think you all will need.  We have been receiving some questions regarding the view of the eclipse from our property.  We will have a small viewing area near the parking lot for those parking their cars, but you will easily be able to see the eclipse from the campsites.

AS OF AUGUST 21th: We had an awesome time with you all. Thanks for choosing to join us for this event of a lifetime!

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