Good Morning from Madras! We have been enjoying some “cooler” weather here in the 80’s, but it isn’t going to last long. It is creeping back up to the 90’s. I thought of a couple more great places to visit if you are coming early or staying later in Madras after the eclipse. The Cove Palisades State Park is located in Culver, OR and is a beautiful place to visit. It has some great areas to go swimming as well as some great views of Lake Billy Chinook. The lake is 28 miles long with plenty of space for boating and relaxing. The second recommendation is the Erickson Aircraft Collection. They have 20 rare vintage aircraft with many of them still being airworthy. They are actually offering to take people up for a flight during the eclipse weekend. Here is the link with the prices and available aircraft if you are interested!

The solar eclipse camping reservations are still coming in so we are preparing for a full house!

God Bless!

AS OF AUGUST 21th: We had an awesome time with you all. Thanks for choosing to join us for this event of a lifetime!

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