Eclipse & Ranch News


Hey Everyone! Sorry it has been so long since the last post.   We have been BUSY around here at the ranch.  Rick and I are on our way to Portland now to get a refrigerated trailer so that we can keep all your water and ice cold! We are also getting a new porch put in...

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Playing cow doctor

Happy Monday! This weekend was eventful with Dawn and Rick taking a trip over to Eddyville to doctor some of our cattle. After this eclipse, we will be going back to Eddyville to build a chute in order to make moving the cattle much easier. Besides that, this is...

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Hidden Central Oregon Gem

Hello again from the ranch!  Hope you all had a good weekend. This past week I got to go to another hidden beauty in Central Oregon called Steelhead Falls.  It is about 30 miles from our ranch and it was beautiful.  When you park at the trailhead, it is only a...

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Snapper Says Hello

Just another day in hot paradise here at the farm. We are selling more and more Madras solar eclipse camp sites each day. It has been fun looking at where everyone is traveling from! We mostly have people arriving from the Seattle area, as well as California. Glad you...

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Auction Results!

Yesterday was mostly spent at the Central Oregon Livestock Auction where we patiently waited for the right cows to come walking through the arena.  Luckily, Dawn decided to stay behind while Rick went to Idaho in the truck because I have no idea what I am doing. ...

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The pivot and the moon

We have enjoyed our weekend and we are back to work on Monday! Rick and Dawn are picking up the pivot from Idaho and I (Erin) will be going to my first cattle auction. We are hoping to add two or three more cattle to our herd, but they will be staying at a family...

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The 4th of July at the ranch

Good Afternoon from R+D Ranch! We hope you all had a fabulous Fourth of July honoring our country and those who serve!  We had some of Erin's family here visiting from Washington and Arizona so we enjoyed a walk around Smith Rock, yummy BBQ, and Dawn's famous homemade...

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Meet the Crew

Hello from R+D Ranch! We are so excited to host all of you coming for the 2017 total solar eclipse! We would love to keep you posted on how we are preparing as well as give you an idea of what life on our ranch is like! First things first, you are probably wondering...

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It’s gonna happen!

Asked my son Jordan to create a website for R+D Ranch Eclipse Camping. He worked all week on it.  Our daughter-n-law, Erin, is busy taking pictures of our place, the horses, the dogs and the sunsets over Mt. Jefferson and Mt. Hood to add to the webpage.  We do have...

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Thinking more about the eclipse…

Hmmm, maybe we should do this camping thing.  Hotels are charging $1000 per night!  And they have been booked for over a year?  Half the world is coming to Central Oregon.  Trying to figure out what to charge for camping in a hayfield?

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That many people…seriously?

Rick and I keep hearing about this "eclipse camping" coming this summer.  Madras is in what they call the "totality path", meaning the eclipse will last the longest...Rick asked me if we should rent out our pasture for campers. There can't possibly be that many people...

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AS OF AUGUST 21th: We had an awesome time with you all. Thanks for choosing to join us for this event of a lifetime!

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